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Samuelcolper: Is this actually legal

Deechopper: This girl actually over 18? She looks way too young ,literally clicked to post a comment ,anyone beating their meat to this is borderline peado

Walmartslave: Oh great, FBI guy is gonna be on my ass now.

Deadgumit: LOL i clicked for the same reason everybody else did... she looksWAY too young but google says she's 22

Xgn-M3Xican: Sad how many of you think this is “child porn” she’s 22? Ignorant people I swear.

Hoobpls: lmao this comment section

Mari-1A: She has 22 years old. She is not underage. She was born on October 15, 1996. This information is on Wikipedia and IMDB (Internet Movie Database), She was 20 years old on the video. Now she is 22, and turns 23 in october.

Satansthornycock: “Busts nut” immediately proceeds to the comment section to call everyone a pedo

Datspideyguy: lol at all the virgins

You guys never fucked a petite girl before? They are so fucking tight n horny, you're missing out. And, THEY'RE LEGAL.

If you see anything less than an adult here, you're the pedos.

Roostercrows: Since when did 22 watching a 22 year old do porn become illegal?

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